Who can get diabetes?

Anyone can be diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes transcends age, gender, social status, caste or creed and race.

What can lead to diabetes?

There are many risk factors that can lead to diabetes. The goal is to understand and identify these risks and prevent the onset of illness through changes in your lifestyle. 

Non-modifiable risks


The risk of type 2 diabetes increases with age as the body finds it difficult to produce adequate amount of insulin to normalize blood glucose levels.Previously it was denoted as an adult onset illness but of late reduction of age of onset has gradually reduced and we are seeing patients under 10 yrs with type 2 diabetes.

Family history:

Those who have a first degree [ father, mother, brother, sister] family history of diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes. This could be due to genetics or unhealthy  lifestyles.

Race or ethnicity:

Some races are more prone to the illness than others. 

Modifiable risks

Being overweight

Excessive weight is a definite risk factor.  [link to BMI Calculator].

BMI – [Asian]

Normal: 18 -23

Overweight23: 23 – 25

Obese: 25 – 30

Increased waist circumference

Increased waist is even more critically linked to diabtes than the overall increase in weight.

Female – Under 80CM

Male     – Under 90CM

Abnormal nutrition

Nutrition plays a major role in the development of type 2 diabetes. It’s important to have a balanced and healthy diet to make sure that the body is able to produce and use insulin as intended.  Under nutrition during pregnancy can increase the risk of insulin resistance in the child, while over nutrition can lead to being overweight and obesity resulting in early development of type 2 diabetes.

Physical Inactivity

Lack of exercise is common in modern times and change of lifestyle to increase exercise is essential and recommended for all.


Stress related hormonal and metabolic changes are associated with nutrition, psycho-social or inflammatory/infections  problems at different times in the life cycle. This imbalance in the body may put individuals at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Stress reduction through meditation and yoga are recommended together with other changes in lifestyle.


Screening Packages

Standard Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Serum creatinine /Urine Albumin/Urine Sugar / Urine albumin creatine ratio / ECG /Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation

Executive Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Liver Profile / Renal Profile / ECG / Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation