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In short, anyone. Diabetes transcends age, gender, social status, caste or creed, job and race. Anyone can be susceptible to diabetes if they do not understand the risks associated with it.

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Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in the body's ability to produce and/or use insulin.

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Anyone can get diabetes. Learn about the risks and symptoms of diabetes and how to avoid it.

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In January 2014, DASL signed a 10 year agreement with Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd where a specially designed logo indicating that “Life is sweeter with less sugar” is displayed on all their tea packages in 3 languages i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and English. This campaign has a substantial impact and reach as the company has a 40% market share in the country. 

#aneysweet campaign was twofold. First was to lobby relevant authorities the need to introduce statutory warning by way of graphic visual images of complications on sugar sachets, packets. Secondly to educate the general public that sugar stimulates happy hormones and is addictive whereby we should say “You are sweet enough – Say no to Sugar”

Four videos were release on social media: 

Diabetes Limb 

Diabetes Blindness  

Diabetes Heart  

True Face of Sugar  

Seeni Meanie is a trilingual word. Seeni is sugar in the vernacular Sinhala and Tamil while Meanie means mean in English. This novel awareness campaign was conducted in 80 national schools island wide. It was designed to empower school children to research and create their own advertising campaign on diabetes, its devastating complications and the simple way to prevent illness through healthy lifestyles. Peers, teachers, parents and the community at large where the target group while the modalities used were Art, folk songs and street plays. 

Seeni Meanie is DASL trademark for Education and Prevention of Diabetes

Street drama


Art work

1every6seconds was created to highlight that 1 person dies every 6 seconds of Diabetes just like tobacco. A sugar cigarette was created with white and brown sugar granules emphasizing the similarity between sugar and tobacco. It also emphasized the fact that though the lobby against tobacco was strong, there was hardly any lobby to reduce the consumption of sugar in the country or globally. A Youtube video was released on social media.


DASL used this campaign to encourage the International Diabetes Federation to take this lobby global which resulted in the IDF Framework on Action of Sugar in May 2015. 

View Framework Sugar 1905 »

Life is sweeter with less sugar: Is Sugar the next slayer to Tobacco?

The Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka (DASL) embarked on an innovative Education and Awareness [E & A] Campaign “The Sugar Trail“ which was launched on World Diabetes Day from 2011 – 2016. It targets persons of all ages. The campaign was supervised by Dr Mahen Wijesuriya, the Honorary Secretary of the DASL and Honorary Director of the National Diabetes Centre.

Sugar Trail of the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka:

2011 - Birth of the ‘ Fork Spoon’ was witnessed by many coffee shop customers in Colombo on 14th November World Diabetes Day. It is a teaspoon serrated like a fork where the sugar trickles off. Psychologically you feel guilty when you reach for more as you get less of sugar. Printed, electronic and social media were used as tools to spread the word on this concept.

2012/2013 – ‘Seeni Meanie’ (SM) is a trilingual word; seeni means sugar in Sinhala and Tamil whilst meanie is mean in English. This is the trademark symbol for E & A of diabetes in Sri Lanka. This campaign was conducted in 80 schools island wide and they were empowered to research and create their own awareness campaign to educate their peers, teachers, parents and community on diabetes and prevention through healthy lifestyles. Seeni Meanie Times was published in the kids corner for 6 months featuring the daring escapades of SM with many fun activities. Kids who interacted with the DASL were rewarded with SM accessories such as hats, masks, stickers and badges.

In 2013, we published a children’s story book “Life is sweeter with less sugar” written and illustrated by the award winning author Mrs. Sybil Wettasinghe. It highlighted that youngsters can get diabetes and the need to eat healthy and be active to prevent illness. 6000 books were distributed free to grade 5 kids in National schools in the Western Province.

2014 - DASL signed a 10 year agreement with Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd to print an awareness trilingual logo on all tea packs with a message “Life is sweeter with less sugar”. They have 40% market share nationally.

On WDD 2014, #1every6seconds was launched to highlight the little known fact that Diabetes kills as many as Tobacco. Video produced was uploaded on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p9V-4fZJf8

#1every6seconds was showcased by us to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) President at the South East Asia regional meeting in Mauritius October 2014. Our campaign caught his eye and he agreed that IDF was the appropriate vehicle to carry a global advocacy to reduce sugar consumption. The result was the IDF Framework for Action on Sugar May 2015.

2015 – Campaign #aneysweet was launched on WDD 2015 - 16. Aney is a Sinhalese slang word which means “oh that’s” / “Wow that’s”. Increased sugar consumption boosts “happy hormones” which gives pleasurable sugar highs like other addictive substances. The fact that sugar is addictive is a little known fact and needs publicity.

DASL is lobbying the Ministry of Health to introduce graphic pictures of complications on the sugar sachets or packs through legislation. In the meantime, DASL is partnering with Jetwing Hotels [largest luxury hotel chain in Sri Lanka] to carry a warning message on all their sugar sachets and to reduce the sugar content from 7 to 5 grams.

Their hotel buffets will also feature 3 sugar free deserts on a regular basis. E & A sessions and Train the trainers programmes are ongoing with hotel staff on primary prevention of diabetes through healthy lifestyles.

2016 – ‘Sugar crime’ – A murder victim’s body was outlined with sugar. This stunt campaign caught the eye and shook the public into realization that a killer was on the prowl and SUGAR, the serial killer was finally caught in the act! This was displayed in many prime public places in Colombo.

#Test2prevent, IDF global theme for WDD 2016 to screen persons for diabetes and for risk factors and to prevent through advice on healthy lifestyles. This is evidence based translation of the research done in collaboration with Kings College London “Diabrisk-SL“ where our commitment to primarily prevent is highlighted.


Screening Packages

Standard Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Serum creatinine /Urine Albumin/Urine Sugar / Urine albumin creatine ratio / ECG /Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation

Executive Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Liver Profile / Renal Profile / ECG / Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation