• Research collaboration with Universities

    DASL supported external research programmes conducted by the following Universities

    • University of Moratuwa and Colombo University - A pilot study "Early detection of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy using tortuosity measurements of blood vessels in the retina and bulbar conjunctiva"
  • General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University. - "Correlation between main anthropometric measurements and HbAlc and fasting blood sugar levels among patients at NDC, Sri Lanka".
  • University of Colombo. Study in progress - HbAlc tests to see "the effects of Ceylon Cinnamon in patients with diabetes".

"Diabrisk-sl " : Evaluation of risk factors in the development of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and correction through non pharmocological  Life Style Modification in Young Urban Sri Lankan Population

The study objective was aimed at reducing the burden of T2DM with a low cost primary prevention strategy.

It was a Randomised control parallel group clinical trial based on cluster sampling. 23,296 (5-40 yrs) healthy young (males 47%)  urban subjects were screened for 4 risk factors (RFs): ↑BMI, ↑Waist circumference (WC), ↓Physical Activity (PA), and family history (FH). Based on the first screening, subjects with ≥2Risk factors were 23%  (n = 5164) 4682 volunteered to be followed up with advice on Intensive-Life style modification [Study ] (3 monthly n= 2352) and Less Intensive –Life style modification  [Control ] (12 monthly  n= 2330).



  • 23% had 2 or more risk factors
  • Physical Inactivity 39%;>WC 31.7%; first degree family history 26.2%;>BMI 20.9%
  • Dysglycaemia <20yrs - 8.2%, [DM + pre-DM] >20yr - 22.1% and Overall- 15.3%

 Final results:

  • RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION [RRR] in new onset of  type 2 Diabetes 26%
  • RRR of IGT 18%
  • Primary endpoints 9% 
  • Regression from prediabetes to normoglycaemia 50%

Diabrisk-sl is a study carried out by the diabetes Association of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Metabolic Unit of  Kings College London -UK

This project was supported by a BRIDGES Grant from the International Diabetes Federation. BRIDGES, an International Diabetes Federation project, was supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes and a grant awarded from the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka.





  1. DIABRISK-SL Prevention of cardio-metabolic disease with lifestyle modification in young urban Sri Lankan's - study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Wijesuriya et al. Trials 2011)
  2. High Prevalence of Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in a Young Urban Sri-Lankan Population (Wijesuriya et al. PLoS ONE 2012)


Screening Packages

Standard Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Serum creatinine /Urine Albumin/Urine Sugar / Urine albumin creatine ratio / ECG /Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation

Executive Screening Package

Includes FBS / Lipid Profile / HbA1c / Liver Profile / Renal Profile / ECG / Eye check including fundal photography / Neuropathy Assessment / Full physical assessment / Doctor’s Consultation